1. There will be regular assessment of class work and regular class test.
  2. In addition to the periodic tests, there will be two Term Examinations.
  3. Promotion will be granted or denied based on marks/grades obtained in all the subjects in the examination, scholastic as well as co-curricular activities.
  4. Students are required to appear for all the examinations. If the student is unable to write the examination due to any unavoidable reason, the parent should submit a leave application stating the reason. Those who are absent from an examination without a sufficient and justifiable reason acceptable by the Principal will be considered as having failed the examination.
  5. Progress report must be signed by the parent as when PTA meeting is held. Aim of the meeting is only the interaction between parent and teachers.
  6. A student having less than 80% attendance to his/her credit in a particular year shall not be considered for promotion.
  7. Theresult declared at the end of the year is final and shall not be reconsidered.
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